Talitha - Help Campaign

Talitha - Help Campaign

Hello, I'm 47 years old and my name is Talitha. I have soft tissue cancer.

My one breast has already been removed and in six months possibly my other breast too. I have no medical aid. I have been declared medically unfit for work, so I have no income.  

Please pray for me, with love, support and a lot of empathy. I have a hobby that I love doing, on days when I'm feeling bad. I do woodwork and make little houses, crosses and churches from the wood I have found. I really love to draw, not pretty, I like to draw abstractly.

My dream is to have a shop, where I can help other people to work with their hands. I would like to see them doing something in life, which is fun for them, and that they can generate their own income and that they don't have to beg.

It is only the Lord's grace. My family and friends, people that have prayed for me, that brought me till where I am. A lot of my life experiences have been really bad, but the Lord's grace is big, and He is embracing me all the time. And this is my story.   

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Account number: 62592810876

Branch code: 250655

Reference: Talitha

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André, healed from Leukemia.

André, healed from Leukemia.